Brewing Advice

Here at Rooster Brother we devote a lot of time and attention to the whole process of selecting and roasting coffee. Our standards of freshness are the strictest in the business. But that’s only the beginning. It takes some effort to make a really good cup of coffee from that bag of beans. We hope these suggestions will be helpful.

Everyone says it, and it’s true. You have to start with good quality water and good quality coffee. If your water tastes good plain, then it will probably make good coffee. The only exception is some spring water which, although it tastes good, has high acidity and tends to sour the cup.

Coffee beans are very perishable and are at their peak for only about a week after they are roasted. They should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Ground coffee loses most of its flavor within twenty-four hours, so you should grind your coffee just before you brew it.

In most brewing techniques, especially drip, the grind determines the time and quality of the water’s contact with the grounds. If you are careful, most of the inexpensive blade grinders will do a good job.




For drip coffee, we suggest that you use 2 level tablespoons for eight ounces of water. Whenever the coffee is a little too strong, a little cold water added to your cup can make a big difference.



All coffee equipment should be kept scrupulously clean. This includes your pot, filter cones, and of course your grinder. The pot and cones should be cleaned regularly to remove coffee oil residues that can give off-flavors to your coffee. Be sure to unplug your grinder when you clean it.

The ideal temperature for brewing is 200 degrees. You’ll have the correct temperature if you bring your water to a rolling boil and then brew. Automatic coffee makers vary in their ability to heat water to the right temperature. It’s a good idea to check the temperature in your brewing basket with a thermometer, if you are not sure.

If you have any questions, or if you’re having trouble making a good cup of coffee, feel free to contact us. We’re mighty persistent when it comes to making the best cup of coffee you ever had.